Climate Wisconsin:Stories from a State of Change

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State of Wisconsin MapClimate Wisconsin is an educational multimedia project featuring stories of climate change. These stories are produced to support teaching and learning about climate change in Wisconsin.  Our goal is to make them accessible in a variety of formats. Stories are available with closed captioning on PBS Learning Media, a free digital media service for educational use. The Aldo Leopold Nature Center will feature stories from Climate Wisconsin in their upcoming Climate Change Classroom and Interactive Laboratory.  If you would like to use resources from Climate Wisconsin in a classroom, nature center, community meeting, or other educational context, please contact us. Finn Ryan is producer, director Wisconsin Media Lab. More information here.

Curated by earthsayer

Great Lakes Shipping | Climate Wisconsin by Randy Hayes

Come aboard with Pilot Randy Hayes on the Isa, a Great Lakes cargo ship carrying steel to the Port of Milwaukee, and explore the impacts of climate change on Great Lakes shipping. Learn how water level and shipping season affect the amount of cargo a ship can carry in this multimedia video produced by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board. Uploaded on Dec 22, 2010

More info and educational resources available at here.

Production credits:
Finn Ryan -- producer, director
Mike Klinski -- photography
Callum Thomson -- photography, audio
David Nevala -- editing
Asche and Spencer -- music

EarthSayers Mike Klinski; Finn Ryan; Callum Thomson

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