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Responsible investment is the basis of this collection focusing on those investors, of all sizes, embracing sustainability principles and practices integrating people, the environment, and prosperity into their investment strategies. 

Many of the videos in this collection come from interviews conducted at annual Ceres conferences. The Ceres investor Network represents the move towards social and environmental investing sometimes referred to as "impact investing."

The Global Impact Investing Network is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.

Social Responsible Investing (SRI) another useful term and, as noted in Wikipedia, "is also known as sustainable, socially conscious, green or ethical investing. Basically we look at is investment strategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social good."

The Global Reporting Initiative, GRI, is a non-profit organization that works towards a sustainable global economy by providing sustainability reporting guidance. In short, the group working towards a measurement that incorporates social, environmental and economic elements. Investors look to GRI reports for risk assessment purposes.

Curated by mokiethecat

Zurich's progress in green investing by Cecilia Reyes

Ms. Reyes was a driving force behind Zurich’s decision last year to invest $1bn in “green” bonds that finance projects aimed at mitigating climate change.

Cecilia Reyes joined Zurich in 2001 as Regional Manager for Group Investments with responsibility for North America and became Regional Manager for Europe and International Businesses in 2004. From April 2006 until March 2010, she was Head of Investment Strategy Implementation. In April 2010, she assumed her current role as Chief Investment Officer.



EarthSayer Cecilia Reyes

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