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This special collection focuses on those voices of sustainability addressing the attributes of leaders and the processes for developing them.  A failure of leadership has been cited by academics such as Bill George of Harvard University as putting our country at risk and a factor in the 2008 economic collapse. There is Doug Cohen addressing natural leadership, calling out what is Job One of a leader.  His view might surprise you.

Since out site, EarthSayers.tv, focuses on sustainability leaders we thought it useful to call out the voices that are emphasizing leadership development and talking about the qualiites of a leader since the category has a history of stereotyping that pretty much has excluded half of the population based on gender, another large percentage based on color or ethnic origin, and our young citizens. The face as well as the voice of a leader is changing and we want to call out those among us addressing this change.

The five qualities of leadership we have seen as we have grown the EarthSayers collection are: (1) Givers not takers; (2) Motivators; (3) Different and humble; (4) Multi-cultured; and (5) Visible.  We think you'll hear these qualities from leadership experts in this special collection and see them in the leaders here on EarthSayers.tv.

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What Is Job One for a Leader? by Doug Cohen

Natural leadership, inter-generational community building, and lifelong learning are themes Doug Cohen addresses as part of his work with students and youths.  In this  video he answers this question emphasizing paying attention to your needs, and the balance one needs to strive for in life.  His definition of a leader is one of a shaper of the future - one distinctly different.

Doug was interviewed by Barry Heidt at the SEED Graduate Institute's Conference, Wisdom from the Origins, September 13-17, 2012 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The conference featured a Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program led by Doug Cohen and Sabine Amend.

This excerpt of a much longer interview was edited for www.earthsayers.tv, voices of sustainability by Ruth Ann Barrett.

EarthSayer Doug Cohen

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