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This special collection focuses on those voices of sustainability addressing the attributes of leaders and the processes for developing them.  A failure of leadership has been cited by academics such as Bill George of Harvard University as putting our country at risk and a factor in the 2008 economic collapse. There is Doug Cohen addressing natural leadership, calling out what is Job One of a leader.  His view might surprise you.

Since out site, EarthSayers.tv, focuses on sustainability leaders we thought it useful to call out the voices that are emphasizing leadership development and talking about the qualiites of a leader since the category has a history of stereotyping that pretty much has excluded half of the population based on gender, another large percentage based on color or ethnic origin, and our young citizens. The face as well as the voice of a leader is changing and we want to call out those among us addressing this change.

The five qualities of leadership we have seen as we have grown the EarthSayers collection are: (1) Givers not takers; (2) Motivators; (3) Different and humble; (4) Multi-cultured; and (5) Visible.  We think you'll hear these qualities from leadership experts in this special collection and see them in the leaders here on EarthSayers.tv.

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Making Societies & Journalism Sustainable (panel)

Making Societies & Journalism Sustainable: UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Conference | Supriya Verma founder of Sustainability magazine. 

Our founder Supriya Verma spoke about "Making Societies & Journalism Sustainable" alongside industry leaders in sustainability and media:

? Lars Tallert is the initiator of the Sustainable Journalism Partnerthip, Head of Policy & International Development at Fojo Media Institute, and Sweden’s representative to UNESCO’s IPDC Intergovernmental Council and GFMDs representative to ECOSOC. He has 30+ years of journalism and development cooperation experience including advisory functions and consultancies for various groups like the Swedish Prime Minister’s Office, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs & OECD - OCDE.

? Dr Yemisi Akinbobola is an award-winning journalist, academic, consultant and co-founder of African Women in Media (AWiM). AWiM’s vision is that one-day African women will have equal access to representation in media. Joint winner of the CNN African Journalist Award 2016 (Sports Reporting), Yemisi ran her news website IQ4News between 2010-2014 and holds a PhD in Media & Cultural Studies from Birmingham City University, where she is a Senior Lecturer. She has published scholarly research on women’s rights, African feminism, journalism and digital public spheres. In 2021 she was recognised as one of the 100 Most Influential African Women.

? Guy Berger is Director for Freedom of Expression and Media Development at UNESCO. He is responsible for the Organization’s global work on press freedom, safety of journalists, internet freedom, media pluralism and independence, gender and media, media and information literacy, and journalism education. Before joining UNESCO, he headed the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, South Africa, and was the deputy chair of the South African National Editor's Forum. He holds a PhD from Rhodes University, has published extensively, and has won several awards.

? Supriya Verma, WELL AP is an award-winning changemaker, citizen journalist, global sustainability advocate, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of The SustainabilityX® Magazine, bringing the environment and economy together for a sustainable future through dialogue since 2016. She has written and published various thought-provoking pieces on sustainability featuring international executive leaders in business, design, politics, and science. In 2019, she was recognized internationally as one of Canada’s Top30Under30 in Sustainability Leadership and awarded McMaster University’s prestigious Alumni Arch Award in 2021 for her unique contributions to society.

EarthSayers Dr Yemisi Akinbobola; Lars Tallert; Supriya Verma

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