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Inspired by the Eco-Eye series hosted by Duncan Stewart and Cathy Fitzgerald with her focus on "resiliencies: stories of transformation from a small Irish forest." They represent citizens who are involved in communicating with their communities, both local and national, with an effort to educate and inform around issues ranging from water to energy conservation to management of food production and forests.

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Mentoring for ecoliteracy: Interview with Carole Nelson with ecoliteracy mentor Cathy Fitzgerald
February 22, 2020

Ecoliteracy educator Cathy Fitzgerald talks with Irish-based jazz composer and award-winning musician Carole Nelson. From Oct 2018, Cathy regularly advised Carole about ecological knowledge for her recently acclaimed new album 'Arboreal' (Irish Times, February 2020) just as Cathy first began thinking about how to share her ecoliteracy knowledge to other creatives for these urgent times of ecological breakdown.

Cathy gained her PhD through creative practice and for many years has practised and thought about the challenges and rewards ecological insights bring to creative practice. Cathy was the inaugural ArtLinks Director and had previously developed a mentoring programme for creative professional development across the south-east of Ireland.

Cathy now provides individual mentoring, workshops and an innovative online course on essential ecoliteracy for creatives, art educators and others who work in the creative sector at www.haumea.ie

Carole's new album Arboreal will be on Spotify after the 28 Feb 2020 and is also available from CD Baby.

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