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Content from the Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business conferences are included in this collection.

The mission of the Ethical Corporation is to help businesses around the globe do the right thing by their customers and the world. They believe this is not only how to guarantee a future for all, but makes good business sense. They serve CSR, compliance, risk and governance communities with topical and insightful business intelligence and meeting places.

They publish the leading responsible business magazine, website, and research reports. Their onferences are widely recognised as the best in the field. We're a part of FC Business Intelligence Ltd, an independently owned company based in London. 

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The Impact of Section 54 - Modern Slavery Act - and what good practice looks like
January 15, 2018

Featuring: Kevin Hyland OBE Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner MODERATOR: Andrew Wallis CEO Unseen

Kevin Hyland, OBE is the United Kingdom’s first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, leading efforts to tackle slavery and human trafficking. He was formerly head of the London Metropolitan Police Service’s Human Trafficking Unit. Wikipedia

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